It’s time to start blogging again . . .

I started to blog for my Web Design students almost 7 years ago, before Blogger and Movable Type made it so easy to publish your thoughts at the click of a “post”. My first blog was a place to share links with students. When we talked about coding HTML tables in class, at night I’d blog a half dozen links to sites with tables. When we talked about monochromatic colour schemes, I’d post a half dozen links to grey sites, or pink sites, or blue sites. There were no comments and no trackbacks, so the blog was me talking to them.

In 7 years, a lot has changed. The web has changed & I’ve changed. I live in a different province in Canada. I work for a different community college. I’m an instructional designer, not a teacher. However, until last week, I still maintained that original blog until the site went down permanently. It was for the best. The other day on This Week in Tech, I heard Merlin Mann say that you should plan for a project to go about 6 months. Maybe it’s time for a change.
Welcome to random mind.